What is Balance Taping International?

  The purpose of Balance Taping International is to educate and share information regarding the Balance Taping with the world. The use of elastic therapeutic tape is gradually increasing in physiotherapy, sports activities, and clinical medicine in America, Europe, and Asia. Worldwide, there are many ways of using elastic therapeutic tape. Balance Taping literally involves applying elastic therapeutic tape to the skin for pain relief and functional improvement. In the Republic of Korea, Balance Taping has been used for about 20 years.

  Most taping methods correspond to the disease, but the causes and symptoms of a disease also vary with the individual. Therefore, Balance Taping methods should also vary. The mechanisms of knee pain differ when a subject ascends or descends stairs. Therefore, Balance Taping methods for knee pain should differ depending on the mechanism of the knee pain. In this case, simple physical assessments of lower extremity muscles and basic understanding of the movements of the patella, femur, tibia, and pelvis are need. Balance Taping produces good results when the practitioner has a correct knowledge of basic anatomy.

  Balance Taping is divided into two courses; the basic Balance Taping course is easy to understand, and even beginners can learn the technique in a relatively short period of time through training with a book of clinical applications; the professional Balance Taping course requires more understanding of functional anatomy and basic biomechanics of the muscles and joints. Professional Balance Taping uses the principles of originative assessment and treatment.

  We would like to share information on how Balance Taping is used in the Republic of Korea. Some of Balance Taping methods were published in scientific journals. We hope that Balance Taping benefits your clinical practice.